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Torch lets you not only download videos and audio, but it also allows you to easily extract audio from virtually any downloaded video stream. Once you find a web video that you want to save, you can just click on the Media Grabber button and save it to your computer without ever having to use external programs, converters or extensions to seperate the audio from the video.
The downloaded files will be saved to your default “Downloads” folder." One file will be saved as the complete video, and the other will be saved as audio (in an .aac file format).
This feature will automatically extract the audio from the video unless you choose, in the Torch settings, to prompt you for your preferrence first.
How to change Media Grabber to promting rather than allow automatic audio extraction?
Click on the Torch Menu button Menu button and then select Settings. When the settings pane opens, scroll down to the bottom and select the link Show Advanced Settings. Then continue to scroll down until you see Media Grabber, and there you can select the option; Show A Menu.

Torch Settings
How to extract Audio from Video?
With the Torch Media Grabber's Audio extractor it's simple.
1. Find your favorite media stream
  Media streaming site

2. Notice that the Media Grabber turns blue
  Audio extractor

3. Click Media Grabber and then select the second option

Both files will be downloaded and they will become visable at the bottom left corner of Torch Browser. The audio will be in the .aac format, and the video will be saved in it's original format. Both formats are playable by most all media players.
 Downloaded files

What is an AAC file
This stands for Advanced Audio Coding. The coding can be viewed as the new and improved MP3 format. AAC generally offers higher quality sound than an MP3 while using the same amount of disk space.  This file format is recognized by most all current media software, including other hardware devices such as Android OS, Playstation, Nintendo, PSP, Wii, Windows, Apple, and many others.
Can't play AAC?
Try it with the VLC Open Project
For more in-depth information concerning the AAC file format, please see the Wiki Link.

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